Bargains to expect in March

March 12, 2020
Bargains to expect in March
Daylight hours are extending, and flowers are beginning to bloom - spring is on its way. Sales also come with the change of seasons. Though it doesn't have many big holidays to shop for, this month is full of deals. Here's a list of bargains to expect in March:

  • Tax software. Right before tax season in April, you can find great offers on software at office supply stores
  • Candy and chocolates. Following the Valentine's Day rush to buy sweets, there is still plenty left over. To clear their shelves of candy and chocolates, retailers will offer huge discounts.
  • Frozen food. Did you know March is National Frozen Food Month? Look for deals on frozen fruits, veggies, meals and more in grocery stores near you.
  • Gardening and yard supplies. When the weather improves, you may be inclined to go out and work in the yard. Home improvement stores like Home Depot, Ace Hardware and Lowe's will feature discounts on plants, soils and more.
  • Thrift-store treasures. Many people take the idea of spring cleaning to heart. Since they are cleaning house, that means thrift stores get a lot of donations. You could find clothes, home goods and more.
  • Floor-model mattresses. When new mattress models come in, that makes the current display ones "old" and less desirable - in other words, cheaper.
  • Winter clothing. Need coats, sweaters or boots? You're likely to find the best deals just after the cold-weather season has ended.
  • Winter and summer sporting goods. The winter items are discounted because the season is over; the summer ones are because retailers expect a lot of people to be buying those items in the near future
  • Luggage. Need suitcases or bags for your next trip? Summer is a popular vacation time, so there will be discounts on luggage a couple of months early.

Good luck while you hunt for bargains!

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