Spend smarter in the new year

January 02, 2020

Part of spending money more wisely is being aware of where and when you're using your dollars. There are many ways to help keep yourself on track - here are some of our tips for how to spend smarter in the new year.

Resist mindless buying

  • Try using cash to cover daily expenses. It can make you think more about how much of your money you're letting go.
  • Take time to think before you buy. Wait at least a day, maybe a week. You may forget that you wanted something and not care to buy it anymore.
  • Hospitals and medical offices
  • Avoid places where you tend to buy on impulse. Then you don't have to exhaust your willpower while shopping.

Give more meaning to your spending

  • Write down what you buy. After a day, and again in several days, answer this question: Did the purchase help you accomplish a certain goal?
  • Is this item for daily use? If so, it's probably worth buying.

Don't become addicted to sales and coupons

  • Think critically about all those promos you receive. It's tempting to buy something you don't need when you get special discounts sent to you, especially via email.

Try not to travel too far to save

  • When it comes to buying groceries or gas, sometimes you have to travel farther to reach the best deals. But when you spend that extra time and fuel, the amount you could save on those lower-priced items might not add up to much.

Sample before you buy

  • When it's possible to try a product before you buy it, do it. That could give you more time to think it over, and you'll be able to decide whether you like the item enough to get it full-sized.

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