Save on Halloween expenses

October 09, 2019

Halloween can be a lot of fun but a bit frightening for your wallet. Before you go out and splurge on costumes and decorations, learn more about how you can save on Halloween expenses

Do you want to buy another overpriced costume that you might not use again? Try making your own. It's not as difficult to create inventive outfits as you may think. Sometimes you already have most of a costume, and all you need are some accessories to complete the theme. If you're looking for some creative ideas, here are a few:

  • Bag of candy: Cut arm and leg holes out of a large, clear trash bag. Fill half of the bag with different-colored balloons that could represent M&M's, jelly beans, etc
  • Chia pet: Cover a shower cap with plastic plant leaves to put on your head, wear brown clothes and bring an empty watering can as your candy collector
  • Siamese twins: This is a solution for two people needing costumes. Cut the right sleeve off one large men's t-shirt, then the left sleeve off another. Sew the shirts together where the holes are, and find a buddy to wear it with you

For decorations, you could throw together different Halloween-themed items (that are reusable) to dress a place up. Ideas to get you started are:

  • Can of fake spider webs and a bag of plastic spiders
  • Small, plastic pumpkins
  • Homemade ghost table covering. Fill a white sheet with crushed tissue paper to form head, arms and body, and lay it on top of a table
  • Tombstones. Fashion by cutting cardboard into different shapes, painting them gray and writing names or other messages on them with black and/or red paint. These can be hung up somewhere or attached to walls

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