Save while you travel

May 02, 2019

With vacation months coming up, you may be laying out your travel plans. While you're still in planning mode, it's a good time to consider how you could take advantage of some bargains. If you're trying to think of extra ways to save while you travel, read on.


  • Compare the costs of flying into different airports if you're headed to a city with multiple options.
  • Be open to taking off mid-week or when flights are in less demand and ticket prices are lower.

Hotels and transportation

  • Look for hotels that include breakfast, parking and/or complimentary shuttle service.
  • Make reservations over the phone. Not all of your options are listed online, and you could find a better deal that may save you up to 40 to 50 percent.
  • Don't plan to have a rental car? Buy a weekly pass for public transportation if you're going to explore in or near your destination city.
  • Use cash-back or rewards credit cards to cover reservations.


  • Eat two large meals a day with small snacks between. You can save money and time that way. And remember, lunch is often cheaper than dinner.
  • Figure out where locals eat, and go to those places to avoid touristy, expensive establishments. Yelp and TripAdvisor are great resources for more information.


  • Check out or similar sites for all sorts of bargains.
  • Look for free local concerts, farmer's markets and more.


  • If you're searching or buying online, use a different computer or device when completing purchases. Travel sites monitor your activity and may increase prices each time you visit.
  • Use AAA or AARP if you're a member to save on hotels, car rental and attractions.

You can stretch your dollars to get maximum value out of your vacation. With your extra savings, you may find your trip even more satisfying.

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