Spend smarter on Mother's Day gifts

May 01, 2019

Have you been thinking about what to get your mom for Mother's Day? You may be inclined to spend extravagantly to show her you care, but it's possible to be both a good kid and smart shopper. With our advice below, you can spend smarter on Mother's Day gifts and stay within a reasonable budget.

Don't always opt for volume - A big box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers is an attractive option. However, your mom may not want all that extra candy or flowers that wilt within days. Instead, try a few nice truffles or a potted plant.

Look for holiday discounts - You can often catch good coupons or discounts for Mother's Day if you look around. While shopping online, keep your eyes open for free-shipping options.

Get crafty - Instead of buying a pre-made gift basket, you could gather an assortment of her favorite fruits or spa items into a fancy container. It's also easy to put candy, granola or something savory like a soup mix into mason jars and dress them up a bit.

Make her day special - Serve her breakfast in bed or cook her favorite meal, complete all of the chores around the house without being prompted, or set up a home spa experience with bubble bath and more.

Split the cost of a gift with your dad and/or siblings - If you want to get Mom something on the expensive side but can't take on the entire cost, divide the total with Dad or your siblings. That way, everybody has a gift for your mom, and you're not stretching your finances too thin.

Pick personal - There are many services to order customized books, photo albums, blankets or clothing. Or you could keep it simple with the classic framed family photo.

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